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    Ebooks from Sony PC Reader to Adobe Digital Editions


      I have a Sony PRS-T1. I also have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my computer. My Husband has a Kobo. When I purchase ebooks from various book stores they are automatically put into Sony PC Reader. When my husband wants ro read these books, I add them to ADE and then drop them onto his ereader (which appears as a book shelf). Recently when I have done this he has been unable to open the ebook on his device. Now I am noticing that when I try to put the ebook onto ADE, it gives me an error message that the "document is licensed for a different device". How do I fix this?

      My understanding is that I can add the book to up to 6 devices, I am just trying to add it to a second device, and this has worked perfectly in the past????

      Is there any way to avoid using Sony PC Reader ( I don't like it) and just use ADE to up load ebooks from the retailer and then to my Sony and the Kobo???

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          There are two things that I can pick up on here.


          The PRS-T1 support in ADE is problematic.  ADE lists it as a supported

          device, but SONY says it isn't.  When in doubt, I go with the manufacturer.


          'Sharing' ebooks is also problematic, because the Digital Millenium

          Copyright Act of 2000 set ground rules that limit such sharing severely.

          Adobe built its software to 'assign' rights to read an ebook to one user

          ID, not multiple ones.  You cannot read an ebook that was downloaded under

          someone else's ID.  And therein is the explanation of the message you're



          Yes, there is a way around it, but it's cumbersome and can lead to other




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            JLA73 Level 1

            I understand what you have told me and I was aware of all of that. The thing is, according to everything I can find on DRM, I should be able to put an ebook onto 6 different devices, and I have been able to put several books onto two ereaders. The problem is now I can't and I can't figure out why.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              DRM is implemented differently by most of the power players in this

              business - and that is a big headache!


              Adobe DRM is simple.  It relies on the data that's been encoded in the

              ebook's ID information.  Whatever's there is what ADE will act on.  If

              there's an issue in copying an ebook to multiple devices, then ADE will

              tell you 'No permission to copy here'.  If you're not getting that message,

              then ADE is probably not doing anything wrong - at least not anything we

              can see....  Don't think that there's a master DRM server someplace that

              counts the number of times you copy a DRM-protected ebook.  There isn't.


              If something worked before, and it doesn't now, it's usually because

              something changed.  A PC software update.  An ereader software update.

              Something like that.  If you've connected your PRS-T1 to the SONY Reader

              Store lately, SONY may have pushed an update down to it and didn't tell you

              it was doing so.....


              Sorry, but without more information, like error messages you might be

              getting during this period of trials, I can give you only general




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                JLA73 Level 1

                After several days and many hours of reading on the net I decided to delete Sony Reader for PC (general consensus seems to be that it is worse than useless).

                Now I need to try to access my books one step at a time. For now I'll ignore the device issue.

                I need to be able to get all of my books into ADE and open them - on my PC. They are listed in my documents file in a folder called "Digital Editions"

                When I try to "add item to library" I get the message "Document is licensed for a different user account".


                The thing is, I only have one user account  and no one else in my household has a user account or downloads ebooks.

                I tried logging into the Adobe website with 2 old email addresses (I have a password that I use consistently so I am sure of that aspect) and nothing came up, so I am 99.9% sure that no other Adobe ID exists for me.  


                I deactivated ADE, then opened it again and reactivated it. I still have the same problem.


                Any ideas on what i can do now??

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  ADE keeps track of who downloaded the ebook as part of the ebook's ID

                  file.  It queries that information when you try to do something with the

                  ebook.  The error message is telling you that the ID which you used to log

                  into ADE is not the same as the ID in the ebook......  You've tried to

                  change the ID you used to log into ADE to get at the ebook unsuccessfully,

                  but you'll have to keep trying....  And, when you get the ebooks over to

                  ADE, you'll have to use that ID every time you open ADE in order to get at

                  the ebooks....


                  And although this answer may not be that helpful, it does confirm what

                  you've been doing as the right approach - so far.  I'm betting that the

                  Sony ereader has a different ID than you think it does, or that you used a

                  separate ID when you created the Sony Reader Library and that would be the

                  one that's embedded in the ebooks....


                  Hope this helps!


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                    JLA73 Level 1

                    I have read your answers to this type of problem on several threads throughout this forum and whilst I appreciate your time and effort I am sure you are wrong on this occassion. I just don't have another Adobe ID.

                    These books were all in ADE,  Reader for PC and on my PRS-T1, for over 12months I had read several of them, then something changed only a week or so ago. I did not change the ADE ID. Something else has happened. Furthermore, i am only having the problem with about a dozeb or so books, i have another 16 that are uneffected.


                    Does no-one else have any ideas?


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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      Unfortunately, the error comes from ADE reading the ID file of the ebooks

                      and then comparing it to the current ID.  That's the only time the error is

                      generated.  And it's possible that something has screwed up due to a change

                      that seemed unrelated.


                      Let's take this a step further.


                      If something 'changed' recently, did you log into the Sony Reader Store in

                      that time frame?  Sony has updated their software, and that can occur

                      without you seeing anything happening.


                      Have you been able to open any of the affected ebooks before?  Where did

                      you download them from - and if it was Sony Reader Store, did you put them

                      into the Reader library?


                      Did you know that Sony tells us the PRS-T1 is not supported under ADE,

                      while ADE says it is?  I don't know how to rectify that.


                      Did you register the T1 with Sony using your current Adobe ID? (you

                      probably did but I had to ask)


                      Often, I forget a detail that, when I remember it, gives me the key to the

                      answer.  I've been doing that for a number of years, but my wife doesn't

                      give me credit for any of them.



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                        JLA73 Level 1

                        1. I am in Australia, I can't access the Sony Store, I have never used it.

                        2. As I have already said above, I WAS able to access all of the effected books, I have read a few of them.

                        3. I know that ADE doesn't support my ereader, I have been manging that for over 12 months since I got it.

                        4. Yes the reader is registered at Sony - as I said I have been reading books for over 12 months, all downloaded from various Australian retailers.

                        5. I was downloading the books into Sony Reader for PC. I uninstalled it yesterday as I have decied it is too problematic. All of the books were in ADE as well. As they are no longer working I removed them, in order to try to re-add them - didn't work.  I now intend to keep ADE (only because I think I have to if I want DRM'd books - I read current releases on my ereader mostly) I will also be using Calibre now, so that I can get the books onto my PRS-T1.

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                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                          My apologies.  I tend to forget about the overseas environments, except for

                          the UK.


                          While I can't say that the Sony Reader software was responsible in some way

                          for your woes, it would appear that deleting that software from your

                          computer could have done something to the way the T1 acts.  I know that my

                          two PRS-350's have a small ID file stored in the Reader library.  That

                          makes me think deleting the Reader library may have caused the readers to

                          lose their identity.  It's a long shot, but it does tie in with some other

                          folks' experiences in getting their Sony ereaders to work.  I've been

                          working with computer software for over 30 years - and stranger things have

                          happened.  And Sony has moved more towards 'capturing' their ereaders, so

                          it makes sense that they would have implemented something like this.