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    Ebooks from Sony PC Reader to Adobe Digital Editions


      I have a Sony PRS-T1. I also have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my computer. My Husband has a Kobo. When I purchase ebooks from various book stores they are automatically put into Sony PC Reader. When my husband wants ro read these books, I add them to ADE and then drop them onto his ereader (which appears as a book shelf). Recently when I have done this he has been unable to open the ebook on his device. Now I am noticing that when I try to put the ebook onto ADE, it gives me an error message that the "document is licensed for a different device". How do I fix this?

      My understanding is that I can add the book to up to 6 devices, I am just trying to add it to a second device, and this has worked perfectly in the past????

      Is there any way to avoid using Sony PC Reader ( I don't like it) and just use ADE to up load ebooks from the retailer and then to my Sony and the Kobo???