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    Printing in Central pro

    output designer Level 1

      I'm trying to print the document with the below configuration in JMD file and in transaction file  I'm using the below line of code (1), the output is not printing to the FL9P201 printer rather it is creating the file in the data folder? any suggestions why this is not outputting to the printer?? I'm am missing something?



      ^job CUST_ORDER -zTESTMG


      # **** Job table ****(2)

      !f CUST_ORDER TESTMG /apps/Oscar/adobe/central/forms/Letter.mdf * 1 T JFMERGE * * C "Step 2 - Customer order template"


      # **** Printer table ****(3)

      !p TESTMG PRNTR1 "ld -dFL9P201,p" * 1 "Cutomer Order Printer"


      Thanks in Advance.