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    Premiere Pro CS5 confuses images with each other


      Hi Adobe-Community,


      I've got a severe problem, that is holding back my whole project at the moment, and I really hope you can help me with this.


      Premiere regularly confuses the images I have added to my project with each other. So when I am importing 2 images, let's say CIMG5967.JPG and CIMG5974.JPG, by dragging them into my project, two new elements are created. But when I'm putting these elements into my sequence, both appear as the same image, although they are still properly named after their original file.


      Sometimes the very same problem even occurs some days later, so parts of my project, that have already been finished, suddenly appear as if I would have used the same image over and over again.


      I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - Version 5.0.3

      Using the option to clean up the media-cache-db didn't help.