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    Complex Animation


      Hi there,


      I am trying to mimic a website written in flash: http://www.digimation.eu/ombkold .


      I got as far as getting the look and the basic animation (moving the rectangles and increasing the size).


      However I am pulling my hair as to how to get  all the possible scenarios working -e.g. clicking on one the "Los geht's" rectangle triggers a different behaviour depending if other rectangles have been opened before or not.


      It is easy if all rectangles are always closed before a new one is opened (playback to the origin), however I would like it to behave exactly like the flash website.


      Any idea how to implement all the diffrent scenarios?



      Thanks for your help.





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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi myrkopp,


          Do you have access to the original Flash source files? I'd start there- see how the first developer built it, and use that as a guideline.


          Either way it's going to be a bit complicated, but you could start with creating a state machine to keep track of all the different states of the nav.

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            myrkopp Level 1

            Hi thanks for the hint. I still do have the original swi file and will have a look.


            Initially I was trying to cover all scenarios on the main timeline, but taht seems impossible. I started to thing more modular packing each scenario into a symbol which will be triggered from the main timeline. Also, you are right, I will greate a state machine testing for each square if it is open or closed and then play the relevant symbol accordingly.


            I will let you know how it goes!


            Thanks for your help.