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    eps import undefined error

    r_tist Newcomer

      Have a simple traced Illustrator file of a logo. Copied and pasted into InDesign only to receive this message: eps import undefined error.

      Tried deleting preferences. Checked the clipboard preferences in both applications and everything is standard.


      This is CS6. Is this a bug? What is the fix? - Can't be saving & placing, in this case, due to the nature in which I need to work with & edit vector files.


      Any more info about this issue?



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          Eugene Tyson Ninja

          It's not a recommended workflow to copy and paste from Illustrator to InDesign - simple shapes and objects can be and there's nothing wrong with doing it - I just don't recommend doing it.

          Save the file to a .ai with a PDF compatible file and use File>Place in InDesign.

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            Eugene Tyson Ninja

            Of course if you need to edit the shape in InDesign this doesn't help.

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              r_tist Newcomer

              Again, it's to do with the nature in which I need to edit the files + set up for press, so I must be able to paste that vector graphic directly into InDesign.


              Any more suggestions and if there is a bug with InDesign? Placing isn't the solution; not just for myself, but for many out there...

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                Peter Spier Legend

                When you paste vectors from Illustrator you get editable shapes up to the threshold at which the drawing is too complex, at which point you get a PDF. I'm not sure what happens with .eps, but I suspect your drawing is just too complext to paste all at once.


                I've gotten past the complexity limitiations in the past, just to demonstrate that it could be done, by copying the drawing in chunks, pasting, and reassembling in ID. I also don't recommend a copy/paste workflow. A really complex vector can cause significant slowdowns in ID, as can lots of less complex drawings. We had a case here a year or two ago where all of the illustrations in a book had been pasted in as vector objects. It took over an hour for me to open the file here before I could even look at it. I've also found that every time I've used locally editied vectors in ID I've regretted it later because I end up wanting to reuse the assets in other work, and a placed Illustrator file suddenly becomes much easier to maintain.

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                  Eugene Tyson Ninja

                  Some illustrator graphics are too complex to copy and paste to InDesign. InDesign has some vector capabilities, but it is not a program for editing complex vectors, InDesign is a page layout tool and it's best used for that.


                  I still recommend that you place a link rather than copy and paste. You can always open illustrator again to make edits.


                  I'm sorry I don't have a better solution, nor have I heard of a better solution to this issue.

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                    Kwray2002 Newcomer

                    I've just worked around the issue by rasterising the image in illustrator at the size I need, then copying and pasting into indesign.

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                      Peter Spier Legend

                      copy/paste raster data is not a good workflow. All you get is the RGB screen preview.

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                        amesco17 Newcomer

                        This forums is close to dead, but sense I found a solution that worked for me and wasn't on here I guess it wouldn't hurt to help. When i saved the illstrator file as an .ai than copy and paste it worked.

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                          asifa70542225 Newcomer

                          It is too simple .. are you select logo or any design, go to object menu and click Flatten Transparency

                          and try copy and past

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                            menudreu Newcomer

                            I've been getting the same error all day today.  I believe this is a bug.  What I'm trying to copy and paste into indesign is not complex at all.  Furthermore, I've been copy/pasting extremely complex vector art from AI to ID for a decade and have never seen this error before.