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    Searching for Brushes..

    Bogiebooo Level 1

      I am trying to design my Christmas card and I need to use Christmas Brushes or PNG's..I use a mac...I have tried all the major brush sites ... when I finally find something I like I try to download it only to find out that it is not supported by Safari..I use both PS and PSE.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I even tried Scrapebook sites...they work but are limited...Thanks for any suggestions.

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          27Prac Level 3

          You can create the brush from the christmas images itself. Follow these steps to create such a brush.


          1. Open any image that is of christmas. Suppose for eg it contains a X-MAS tree.

          2.  Select Quick Selection tool (Shortcut -A) and select that X-MAS tree using quick selection tool.

          3. Now choose "Edit Menu>Define Brush". A brush will be created that will of shape of X-MAS tree.

          4.  Save the created brush permanently. Go to "Edit Menu>Preset Manager" and choose Brushes.

          5. Now select the brush created in step 3 and choose "Save Brushes" . Save the brushe as "Christmas Brushes".

          6. Select Brush tool and click the brush preset button. Now click the dropdown and choose "Christmas Brushes".

          7. Now select your brush and use it on the image . Similarly you can create another christmas brushes.


          Do reply back if you have any questions.

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            Barbara B. Level 7

            What do you mean 'it is not supported by Safari'? I've downloaded a whole lot of brushes and never seen this How are you trying to download, what steps?