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    Quick question about Actual and Effective PPI

    johngordon12 Level 1

      Hi there - sorry if this is a bit 101, but y background is web design, not print.


      A client of mine also produces a printed guide, and I've been helping out the person liasing with the printer as best I can wth questions about file types, resolution etc.


      My understanding after a quick look on Google is that Actual PPI is when an image is scaled at 100%, and Effective PPI is the resolution when it is scaled down, ie as the physical size of the printed imaged is reduced, the PPI value effectively increases.


      What I hadn't come across before was PPI expressed with two figures, eg 414 x 398 PPI.


      What is this in reference to? My best guess at the minute is that they are the Actual and Effective PPIs expressed together - is that right? And if so, which is which?


      Thank you!