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    Recording and audio

      I am having trouble taking a prerecorded document with sound and producing it in captivate. i want to be able to record the entire presentation with sound at the same time. The sound would be "what it hears" not from a microphone since it is prerecorded. Is this possible?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Probably not, jlidsky. Sounds like you are talking about capturing something similar to an AVI file. I'm just guessing that maybe your motivation is to convert something like a Breeze or WebEx presentation into a Flash (SWF) document, complete with tweening (motion) and audio.

          My advice (if I'm right about the above) would be to look into other applications that are more specifically designed to capture AVI and convert to SWF. You might like, um, what's its' name . . . Camtasia Studio (I really did forget the name - sorry, Camtasia fans).
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            I have placed two audio buttons on my slides - one button shuts down the audio output. I want to program the other button to open the audio again - unable to do so. Please help.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Hema

              You might give fellow Adobe Community Expert Paul Dewhurst's "Audio Toggle" widget a try.

              Click here to viisit Paul's site

              Cheers... Rick