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    2008 SR2 Terminal Server


      We are currently converting from Quark 8.5 to In-Design CS5.5 volume license,. We have terminal servers a farm of 10. I installed In-Design CS5.5 on one of our terminal servers as a testing base. Had about 4 users remote into the terminal server, and launch In-Design CS5.5, they all started to compliant after a ten minute delay on startup that the application was taking extremely slow, in looking at the CPU it was at 100%, this is running 8GB of RAM, once In-Design CS5.5 was launched the CPU was at a normal rate, then had two additional user launch In-Design CS5.5 and again the CPU got to 100% to the point where all other 4 users went to a craw for about 8-10min till the 2 other users got In-Design CS5.5 up and running.


      I have read that giving full privileges to:

      1. C:\Program Files\Adobe   2. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe
      2. Gave users local admin privilages

      and that did not help, I have spent countless hours trying to figure out why In-Design CS5.5 goes to a craw at start up, no matter how may plug ins I remove it sticks to 100%. I also did a registry key to disable to CSLive and no help.


      I was hoping that someone out there has a similar environment as we do and could shed some advice:


      Terminal server specs are:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

      Processor 2.40Ghz (2 processors)


      Systems Type 64bit OS


      Regards Max