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    Gradient animation


      Hello, I'm pretty new to after effects so bare with me. I was wondering if it was possiple to take a 4 color gradient and basically animate it. You have 4 points that overlay, and you can move around to create custom gradient, but I couldnt figure out (maybe you cant) how to take keyframes when the points are at specific places on your composition. The effect Im trying to achieve is basically a moving (somewhat random) gradient flowing from left to right, in and out of the frame. Maybe there is a better way to do this?


      One other question, using the plug-in partical world I made some particles that look pretty nice without the trapcode suite... I havent tried yet because I couldnt figure out the top question, but I want to take these "particles" and have them follow the gradient sliding animation. is it just a simple matter of key framing it at different points?



      Sorry if those questions were confusing, I dont know how else to ask what Im looking for. Thank you for the help!!