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    Coding a simple server side routine to implement a matchmaking system.

    LeaPaul Level 1

      Hi guys, I'm trying to make a simple matchmaking system in which users can do the following:


      - A random user clicks "Play Game", and if another user previously clicked the same "Play Game" button, and he is not currently in a match, they get into a match and start playing versus each other. This is a one versus one game only. For now, no lobby or anything like that is required.



      I explored some options, and I reliazed that my needs could be met with something simpler than what other framworks can offer me.


      I was thinking about coding it with PHP, after all, all I need is a way to manage the states of the players and their farID's. The ingame part of the game is made with NetStream, so far it works, but only if I provde manually their farID's.


      Some time ago IIRC, I saw an example made in Python, but I lost track of it.


      Any help would be much appreciated .