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    Importing illustrator pdfs into photoshop sometimes won't allow me to open and check resolution?

    Rice14 Level 1

      Here's the scenario:


      Customer sends me an illustrator file with an embedded image. I need to check the resolution of the image to see see if it is high resolution enough for print. I delete all art but the image in illustrator and then save that file as a pdf with the illustrator default.


      I drag that pdf file into photoshop where I get the "Import PDF" dialog box. I know if I select the "Pages" button, then the resolution and color that appears in the dialog box are not the true specifications for the image. I have to select the "Images" button and open the file from there HOWEVER sometimes this option is not available and the "open" button is grayed out. I have yet to figure out why this happens on some of the pdf files I've saved from Illustrator.


      This is the only way I have found to check resolutions on embedded files where I do not have the actual linked graphic. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help!