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    Launch script from command line


      Hi Guys,


      I try to execute a JSX script using the AfterFX command line but it isn't executing as it should.


      When I manually open AE then execute my script it works well, but not from the command line.


      here's the command :


      afterfx.exe -noui -r script.jsx


      What happen is:


      (without the -noui arg) After Effect is launched but as soon as it's opened, it closed itself


      (with the -noui arg) Nothing


      The script do simple task;


      - open the project

      - get the first text layer

      - modify the text

      - save the project


      it doesn't seems to cause an error or maybe I just can't see it (is there a way?)


      Something I notice when I run the script directly from the AE Script Editor is that I have to change the target application from "ExtendScript Toolkit CS6" to "Adobe After Effect CS6" in order to make it work.. could it be this? how to force the AE CS6 target app?



      BTW: I'm using AE CS6 v11.0 on a Windows 8 machine

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          BTW: I'm using AE CS6 v11.0 on a Windows 8 machine


          Well, perhaps you're simply seeing Win 8's once more revised security stuff giving you a hard time. Beyond that all you can do is pop in a ton of alerts and debug it step by step. Perhaps it's even as trivial as enabling the "Allow scripts to write....blahblahblah" option in the AE prefs. Also simply consider posting the code in teh scripting forum. Maybe you're missing a simple line of code somewhere...