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    How to PRINT a CD booklet in Indesign CS 5?


      I think it's alittle funny that our professor at my 4yr college is teaching us how to make a CD booklet in Indesign using Masterpages and yet he doesn't know how to print it out.

      Well I'm having trouble printing mine out. I'm making a CD booklet for a singer I like and put lyrics/backgrounds on each document.

      But, since there is two columns on one page, i made the same background stretched across, so that each page/document had a theme. My teacher said this had something to do with pagination and he didn't know how to print it out.

      this is how the pages are setup in indesign masterpages:


      1 (this is the cover)









      18 (this is the back cover)


      So whenever i print them out the pictures are not matching up right, to where if i folded each page, each page is not matching the theme.

      So here are some screenshots, I'm turning this in next week, and would really appreciate help on the printing parts!! Also, when they print out they are printing upside down i dont know how to fix this.



      and this was taken with my phone, see the images dont match up right, and also want them to be not backwards on the back. I am printing these double sided pages!



      please help thank you as this is also a learning process fot me!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          So what are you doing now to print this? and how are tha pages supposed to be arranged inthe finished product? Is it a single accordion-fold piece printed on one side of the sheet, or a stapled booklet with two-page spreads, or something else?


          If it's a stapled booklet at least part of the problem is the page count -- you need to work in multiples of 4 for a 2-up saddle stitch binding.

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            jahpan Level 1

            It's suppose to be a two-page spread booklet.

            so two page as in i wanted the pages to be like this-



            to where each page is still matching and not unmatched and can still work as a booklet.

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              I didn´t fully understand what you need, but if it´s something like in the picture behind that link, you could use island-spreads like this:


              Kuvankaappaus 2012-11-8 kello 14.10.05.png


              You´ll find that InDesign file (as idml) from my dropbox:


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                There's a problem, I think, with Petteri's solution, and that's that he's got all the extra pages to the right of the spine.  When you do island spreads you have to be sure that you have some sort of symmetry so the pages will back up properly, whether in this case you have all the spreads with two pages on either side of the spine, or if you alternate sides with the ones and threes.


                But I can see now why your instructor said he didn't know how you would print this. you want 4 pages together (or two double-width pages, which would be another way to set it up). That combined width is bigger than any sheet of paper that is likely to run in your printers without tiling and pasting the pages together at some point. It would be no problem on a press, but you aren't going to run one booklet on a press. If your printers can handle 13 x 19 sheets you might be able to find a printer willing to cut you some from a lerger sheet, or you might be able to find a ream someplace, but it will be expensive and you might not get the stock you want, and even on that size sheet I'm afraid you'd have clipping on the outer left and right ends where you run into the non-printing area on the edge of the sheet. The other option would be to run on a wide-format inkjet plotter.


                Ask your professor if you can print this at reduced size as a proof of concept and you may be able to output on equipment that is available to you at school.


                But that brings us back to the problem of page count. Your example has 12 panels, not 18. If you want to have a 4-panel spread like this, you need to be working in multiples of 8 panels for your design -- 4 panels on each side of the sheet. You can leave some blank if you want to, but you need to conscioulsly put those blanks where you want them.

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                  Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                  Peter, you are too sharp-eyed...=)


                  I was too hasty and didn´t pay enough attention to the position of the spine... I´m not sure if OP ever needs that template but I still fixed it.... it´s same dropbox link....


                  Kuvankaappaus 2012-11-8 kello 17.47.23.png

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                    MW Design Level 5

                    I would recommend taking a couple sheets of paper and cutting them down to a four-page size. Then stapling those two sheets together. Decide where the staples are going to go (and I would likely choose the center--two pages on each side of the staples). Staple the sheets. Fold the sheets down to a single page size. Number the sheets as you view the cover--page one. Open the booklet, number each page as you move through the pages.


                    As mentioned, you need to have pages in multiples of 4. So the screen shot shows the above with 16 pages and a center stapling.


                    Take care, Mike






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                      MW Design Level 5

                      OK. One more thing. This only works for proof of concept. If this was going to print, one needs to check with the printer to see if they can trim the inner page, which contains the spreads of pages 3-14 and 7-10, 1/16" each side smaller so it will fold in. Else you need to either have two files for the outter and inner folds or size those spreads smaller.


                      Take care, Mike