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    Edge Animation a bit slow

    mentlity Level 1

      I finished an animation, looks great and everything works except the symbols I had to add timelines to. Though they are short, roughly a second or two they all change their opacity levels and go from 100 to 50 and back again. There are roughly 6 of these symbols that ALL use the on  off property so only one is on while the others are off.


      The delay is about a second and a half before the symbols illuminate. Should I look into shortening those timelines and make the jpg's that were used for those files smaller?


      It seems once I go thru the buttons moving the timeline once then it runs fine as I would think it is then running from cache.


      Any insite on this?


      page is here






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          mentlity Level 1

          Hmm, no answers means this is something I should know? Maybe a better explanation will do some good.


          Lets say I have 8 images ( all the same size as the stage)

          images have different set of green wire showing.


          All 8 were converted to symbols so their respective timelines can use opacity, triggers are set to play and play reverse at end of symbol timeline

          timelines inside the symbols are no longer then 1 second each


          on and off displays used so only one is on at either point in maintimeline.


          The original symbol timelines were a bit longer but cut down to 1 second and still no change.


          The entire file loads qucik except for the symbols brought up by button clicks as ther is a delay of about 1.5 to 2 seconds before the animation appears.


          Would a Preloader be useful here?


          Looking for  tute or more info on this, while I'm looking any help appreciated.



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            Jerry Witt Level 2

            I didn't see the issue, but i have a reasonabbly fact connection. I suppose a preloader would help make sure the artwork was loaded.


            You may also consider having the lines present in your original art before they start flashing.