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    After Effects not recognizing files it used to?


      I've had After Effects CS5.5 for well over a year now and it's starting to bug out on me. I usually use two different file extensions with my imports: AVI and MOV. The MOV comes from my iPhone 4S. In the past, I've had no problem importing videos taken from my phone but now After Effects doesn't recognize any footage. It imports, with an all green picture at the normal resolution. It also imports sound just fine. I have a photo linked here if you need to see what I am talking about. Adobe Bridge CS5.1 also doesn't recognize any files anymore but just plays sound and a black image. Video players such as the VLC player I use work just fine.


      The other problem I am having is with my AVI files. I have an AVerMedia Game Capture HD (which can be further explained here) and it records in 1080p. When I try to import any footage I have recorded (from a SanDisk USB drive), it only imports sound but the image comes up 0x0 resolution. To see what I'm talking about, click here. Most files are around 2GB, usually less and consist of nothing more than Xbox 360 gameplay (and sound of course to go along with the footage). Again, as the MOV files do, VLC media player plays the files just well. I have managed to make Windows Live Movie Maker work with both file extensions and render just fine but the outcome quality is just aweful.


      To tack on a few extra details, I have a pretty clogged computer. With 452GB of hard drive space, I usually only have under 30GB left at certain times, sometimes less. I've had it up to 80GB free but After Effects still gave me troubles. I also plan on purchasing a 2TB external hard drive to free up space and keep my gameplay footage off the computers. The computer, an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC that still has Windows 7, an i5 processor, and totals (I'm guessing here) about 4 1/2 - 5 years of age. It's been through many battery packs and charging cords of which I believe have no affect on After Effects but by all means, I will tell you as long as there's an answer.


      If any of you have an answer to my long, outgoing problem, please, just help me out. I'm tired of spending countless hours with Google leaving me unsuccesful of an answer.