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    Comp settings/Output/Render settings

    dan_f Level 1

      Oh man - I've spent a day and a half just re-rendering the same project over and over as I make changes all over the place trying to get this problem fixed.


      I posted the problem yesterday, maybe i just didn't give enough information. First, understand I've been using AE on this machine for quite some time, and it's a fast i7 PC w/24MB mem. 


      All of a sudden I have this output problem.  The output MP4 video just looks like it's underwater!  Horrible.


      I'm so frustrated with it that I'm ready to uninstall AE and re-install it!  ( Even though I really don't think that will fix anything!) I've just run out of things to look at...


      Even completed projects are broke now:

      I always work in HDTV1080 29.97, and never had this problem before, but when I load up some of my older videos (that worked/rendered great in the past) they have the same problem now: render is crap!


      Preview Window looks great:

      While in AE editor/preview, even full screen on my 30" monitor everything looks great - crisp - sharp - fantastic! 


      No footage imported, just psp file, 1920x1080:

      Everything is imported psp files, no other footage, then the psp layers are animated, and mp3 audio track added.


      Could a recent Adobe update have messed with me somehow?


      A simple test:

      As a quick test I start a new project, bring in a couple simple psp layers (1920x1080), use the settings pasted below, and render is crap!  blurry, artifacts everywhere, pixelated!


      Maybe i changed something somewhere and not aware of it?


      here goes: 

      (these settings are so basic and simple, I'm almost ashamed to post them (meaning it has to be deeper somewhere).


      AE CS6 , Version













      it's just setup for your basic HD 1080 video...

      I am totally lost.....any ideas? tips? suggestions? A friend recommended suicide! LOL!