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    How do I add a transition between every clip in Premiere Elements 11?


      Greetings -


      Folks, I'm looking for a feature that even the cheesy old Windows Movie Maker used to have.  I'm trying to figure out how to get Premiere Elements 11 to add a transition between every clip via some shortcut/quick means.  I find it obnoxious and inefficient that I need to manually drag a transition between every clip.  If I import 200 short clips that I took with my point and shoot camera, it'll take me over an hour alone just to put the transitions in place.


      Is there any way to select a transition and have Premiere Elements add it between every clip?  I've stumbled on the fact that you can click a transition and make it the "Default" but have not been able to figure out what that does for me.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you.