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    How do I find the Adobe ID associated with a particular ebook?


      Having all sorts of problems with ADE, Sony Reader for PC and my Sony PRS-T1. It now seems I cannot even read books that are already on my ereader, that I have previously read, because I now get an error messsage stating that the book is 'Proteced by Digital Rights Management'.

      I understand the basics of DRM, but I bought this book (and others) legally, I have read it already so it was working fine. Now it won't open. I have had my ereader for 12 months and it has been fine.

      Now, I can't open these books in Reader for PC, I can't open them in ADE, I can't import them from my documents file to either progamme, I can't read them on ereader or on my husband's Kobo.

      Can anyone suggest what I might have done to cause this and how to fix it. Bearing in mind that I can read some and not others.

      Is there anyway to find the Adode ID associated with the ebook (The IDs for the computer and my ereader match). I wonder if I bought some books before or after an email change?? I really can't think why some books are working and others not.

      I really didn't know I had to be such a computer guru to run an ereader! I am so annoyed. Do I need to bin my Sony and buy another brand? Do I go back to paper? I want to spend hours reading, not fixing DRM problems!!!

      Thank you