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    How do I find the Adobe ID associated with a particular ebook?


      Having all sorts of problems with ADE, Sony Reader for PC and my Sony PRS-T1. It now seems I cannot even read books that are already on my ereader, that I have previously read, because I now get an error messsage stating that the book is 'Proteced by Digital Rights Management'.

      I understand the basics of DRM, but I bought this book (and others) legally, I have read it already so it was working fine. Now it won't open. I have had my ereader for 12 months and it has been fine.

      Now, I can't open these books in Reader for PC, I can't open them in ADE, I can't import them from my documents file to either progamme, I can't read them on ereader or on my husband's Kobo.

      Can anyone suggest what I might have done to cause this and how to fix it. Bearing in mind that I can read some and not others.

      Is there anyway to find the Adode ID associated with the ebook (The IDs for the computer and my ereader match). I wonder if I bought some books before or after an email change?? I really can't think why some books are working and others not.

      I really didn't know I had to be such a computer guru to run an ereader! I am so annoyed. Do I need to bin my Sony and buy another brand? Do I go back to paper? I want to spend hours reading, not fixing DRM problems!!!

      Thank you

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          There's more to the story, but you've left out some very important parts.


          Are you getting error messages?  If so, what are they?  'Protected by

          Digital Rights Management' is not an ADE message.


          You know - or should know - that Reader is an entirely separate

          application.  Some features of Reader are built into ADE, but not all.

          Reader deals with pdf files, while ADE deals with epub, txt, pdf and other

          file formats.  That makes a difference.


          Software updates to ereaders also make a difference.  If any have occurred,

          they could account for the issues you're having with the PRS-T1.  ALSO:

          while ADE says that this particular ereader is supported, SONY says it

          isn't because of some technical issues.  That may be a marketing tool for

          them to get you to do all of your downloading from the SONY Reader Store.


          Which brings up a point: where are you getting these ebooks from?  If it's

          the SONY store, they run some proprietary programs and do some things to

          the epub files to try to protect their ereader base.


          Please let us know more: error messages, source for ebooks, etc.  That info

          will help us focus in on what we can do to help you.



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            JLA73 Level 1

            My books come from various sources, which is why I chose the Sony over the Kindle - I did not want to be locked into a retailer, and at the time, that's what I thought Sony were offering - their marketing certainly gave me the impression that their device was an open format device.  Furthermore, last time I checked we couldn't access the Sony Store in Australia, so that isn't an option I have ever used. I have used Borders (those books are still in "My Library" on the new Bookworld site), Angus & Robertson,  and Booktopia, I possibly bought one ebook from Kobo too. Just checked Sony.com.au - the reccommend Angus and Robertson and Bookworld.

            You are correct the "Protected by Digital Rights Management" is the error message I get when I try to open some of my books on my Sony ereader.

            When I try to move my books from either PC Reader to ADE or from my document file to ADE ( I try to do this by chosing 'Add item to library', I select a book from my Documents folder, hit 'open' then I get the error message

            "Document is licensed for a different user account".


            I have been all over this ADE forum site and I have done some Google searches. I wonder if these devices are worth while after all? DRM seems to be playing havock with my ability to just sit down and read.


            Would changing the device, to say a Kobo (ADE seems to recognise my husband's Kobo), solve my problems - I wouldn't need Sony Reader for PC at least? Or is DRM going to continue to cause problems forever?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4



              Your story is familiar - many folks here are somewhat bewildered by the

              technology that keeps coming up in their faces when they think that this

              process should be a simple one.  It SHOULD be, but....


              SONY Reader software for your PC is designed to 'captivate' you so that

              your ereader will function well with their store.  It is, in essence, their

              way of managing your elibrary.  And it's proprietary to SONY.   You can add

              ebooks to it in a similar way that you can add them to ADE.  Since we're an

              ADE forum, I don't have those steps in my reference file - sorry.


              As you've explained it, DRM protection is really not the issue here.  ADE's

              way of managing the relationship between you and the ebook is to keep track

              of who did the original download in a small ID file embedded in the ebook.

              ADE is telling you that your husband downloaded the ebook in question, and

              that you're not able to read it with your own ID.  The SONY message is

              essentially the same thing, but in different and confusing wording, which

              makes you believe that DRM protection is getting in your way.  That's

              probably not true, because you're not getting a 'No Permission To Copy

              Here' message from ADE - their way of telling you that the digital rights

              assigned by the publisher, distributor or author will prevent you from

              making a copy.  Shame on SONY for confusing the issue!


              What you can try is to deauthorize ADE by using the CNTLSHIFTD keys

              together after it opens and is waiting for you to do something.  Then,

              close ADE.  When you reopen ADE, it will ask you to authorize it, and you

              can put your husband's ID in.  ADE now thinks you are your husband, and

              will let you access all of his ebooks.  You can copy them to your ereader

              at this point and then open them to read - assuming that there really is no

              DRM protection that prohibits the copy.


              There's more, but let's take this one step at a time, eh?