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    what is the optimal synching workflow for multiple cameras with nearly synched free run timecodes?

    dv416 Level 1

      tons of footage, multiple sources, cameras, audio, etc. all of it has time of day timecode. they may not have been jam-synched precisely, but the codes are close, probably to within a second or so. maybe even to within a few frames.


      Through my research it seems there is no good way to organize this footage by timecode in a way that is useful for prepping multi-clips, other than lining up each clip one at a time, clip by clip, camera by camera. Is this true?


      Is there a better way to sync multiple streams of video by their timecodes? I am OK using plural eyes, but I can't even bring it in to there without organizing the clips on the timeline first, which will probably take the most time anyway. go figure.


      ideally there'd be a way to copy / paste my footage from camera A onto a track, from camera b onto another track, etc... and have each clip fall on the timeline according to its TOD timecode, with gaps in between, re: the period in between takes. from there, I could then go into plural eyes for more precise synching if necessary.


      any means to this end would be appreciated. thanks!