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    Feature Request: Please fix text editing


      Hi there great Adobe Team!


      I am usign your product for rapid web prototyping.  Often times ontop of my interface drawing, I use the text tool to write some text, and then put a nice colored background box behind it.


      The problem I am facing is this:


      It seams you have mapped the control-left and control-right keys to change the spacing of the letters.  Unfortunately, this is a common mapping used in windows to jump to the next word!

      Your current key mapping assignment makes text editing quite troublesome!!!


      Can you please change these key maps in your next update?


      Thanks very much


      Sincerely yours,


      a developer that uses Fireworks and Adobe Cloud everyday!

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          Hi! This is a user-to-user forum. I recommend that you submit your feature request directly to Adobe using their official Feature Request and Bug Report Submission form:




          For future reference, it is possible to change many of the keyboard shortcuts in Fireworks using the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (under Fireworks > Keyboard Shortcuts). Here, you can choose from several different sets or create your own customized set. Within each set, there are three categories: Menu Commands, Tools, and Miscellaneous.


          keyboard shortcuts.png



          Unfortunately, none of these categories seems to include the shortcut to which you're referring (for text kerning). To expand upon your suggestion, I'd recommend that Adobe consider adding this missing shortcut to the Miscellaneous category, or create a new category called Text, where users can access and modify this and any other missing, text-oriented keyboard shortcuts.