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      Having trouble with overflow.


      I have a nav at the top and bottom of a mobile interface. I want to fix both of these elements but at the same time make the page content which is an image that is larger than the stage in the y direction scroll. I can get the image to scroll by setting the main stage overflow to scroll but the nav's also scroll. I  don't want them to scroll with the content.


      This is what I have tried to solve it. I have set the main stage to hidden. I have then made the content I want to scroll into a symbol and set it's stage to scroll. This does not work. I have tried every combination I can think of but no luck. I know this is probably a CSS question but hoping someone knows what to do.

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          For anyone else who may run into this problem it was to do with the height of the symbols stage. When you convert the image to a symbol it automatically sets the height of the image. After changing the height of the symbol to match the main stage it the image within the symbol scrolled.