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    FileReference.Upload and ASP

      Hello guyz,

      I'd like to know how to use the new FileReference.upload with ASP.

      I can select a file, and i can send it to the asp script, but dont know how to capture it and upload it. I've uploaded files via asp with html forms before, but the script that i use doesn't seem to capture the info that the FileReference.upload sends from the swf in the asp.

      This is very important. Can one of you expert guyz plz give me some examples on how to do this?

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          venFlash Level 1

          your asp code can be like this not exactly find equivalent to HttpFileCollection and HttpPosteFile. this is rough code in asp.net good luck









          FileCol As

          HttpFileCollection = Request.Files


          for int i =0 to FileCol.count-1

          access u r HttpPostedFile = HttpFileCollection(i)

          exit for