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    3D Camera Tracker - Problem


      Hello dear community!

      "analyze solve failed"

      Thats what i get when trying to use the tool. After step 2 "Solving camera" thats what i get.

      I uploaded the raw footage so you can see it. (Tracking only important from 0:13 to the end.




      My Computer:



      16 GB

      GTX 580


      Thank you in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          The legs passing through the shot in the foreground obscure great, big, huge portions of the picture.  AE doesn't have enough of the picture to see to solve a track.


          AE's good, but it can't work miracles.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            That's never gonna work.


            a) The move is covering a large area while only parts of it are visible at any given time

            b) There are barely any distinct features (the floor being too smooth and overexposed for instance)

            c) There's lots of disturbances - the feet, the door, furniture


            Sorry, but this is a shot that no 3D tracker in the world can solve.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I agree with Mulenium and Dave... Some shots cannot be solved. If you're going to do camera tracking you need to plan your shot. Even Hollywood does this. That's why they have a visual effects supervisor on the set. I'm working on a complex shot right now that involves lots of roto, Camera tracking and a bunch of moving elements in the scene. So far I've spent about 3 hours just prepping the 30 second shot for camera tracking. I'll track it later today and insert the CGI we've created.


              I don't believe your shot can't be tracked, it is just going to take a lot of preparation. Knowing what you're going to try and insert into the shot would also help. For standard use of the camera tracker you'll only have an element visible for a couple of seconds because anything placed will be stuck to the scene and the camera will move past it very quickly. This means you don't need to track the whole shot. Pick the part that needs to be tracked and work on only that portion.


              If you art trying to attach something to the person walking then you don't want to use camera tracking. That's an entirely different workflow.

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                SwMade Level 1

                Thank you for all your answers to my question!


                I solved it.

                I explain myself:


                The shot was not intended to do that, so there was no preparation. More that that, that take was only made to try out how to follow the persons feet, it was a take intended to delete later.

                What i did now is the following:

                I took the part i wanted to track and imported it to AE, so it was just like some seconds long and with not so much of camera movement.

                And there it was, it worked. I did what i wanted to do and later in Premiere i just placed it over the unedited clip, and finished.

                I don't have the best results since, like i said, it wasn't my plan at all. But please feel free to comment the results.


                In this clip you can see the results and the piece i edited out to track it on AE (there where it says "This Piece").





                Are there like proffessional videos or texts/books explaining the preparations (scene, movements and so on) needed for this kind of special effects or special effects at all?

                Im not a beginner but i learned all by myself. Maybe there is something i can do to become better.


                Thank you very much.