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    Place-Dialog with specific paths

    DBLjan Level 3

      Hello folks,


      im (re)new to indesign, we finally changed from quark to indd, thank god.

      now im setting up my workspace and want to be as productiv as in quark, so i need some help doing things in indd.


      ive gotten a bit to do in Applescript, basic stuff, to make quark things do like i wish, now i stumble upon some stones in indd wich i cant solve or dont really now how to start.

      first, am im correct here in the scripting forum? seems noone has answers in applescript, but i dont know how to translate the windowsstuff to my mac.

      but lets get to my first simple task:


      we have some specific never-changing fileserverpaths with pictures, logos, slogans etc.. i used a tool called "spark" that does simply press keystrokes, so i did on alt+e e.g. tab + arrow up 2 times and then i was in that path i disired.


      first of all, in indd, can i assign shortcuts to applescripts?

      if so (what would be great), i need a simple script to tell indd to

      do the place…-dialog on a specific path (maybe after that do that what happens when i press apple+f to do a filesearch in that location)

      everything else has to be as i call that dialog out of the menu, so behave like i press it while in a box or with nothing selected at all.


      maybe someone can help me start right.

      thanks for your help




      ps. is there a german scripting community here or do i continue posting in my sloppy english?