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    Annoying extra installations




      Is there a way not to install Chrome and Google toolbar when installing Flash? I do not want that on this computer, but those where installed without ever asking me, as part of the Flash installation.


      I un-installed all Adobe software from this computer and will do it from the others as well, as a temporary measure so I don't have to frequently unsinstall the things I don't want. But if someone knows a way to make sure Flash and acrobat stop forcing other istalls on me, I'd like to hear that.


      Thank you.

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          Rave Adobe Employee

            After the download page appears http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ , if you want to pass on the optional software, simply uncheck the checkbox before clicking the download button.

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            ZombEQ Level 1

            Not sure how I missed the check box... Thank you.


            Auto opt-in for extra software still strikes me as bad manner, but at least it's just me not looking well enough that made it hard to get rid of the unwanted extras.

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              I had auto update set up for reader and flash.  No page comes up giving you the chance to opt out of the additional software.


              Please note, if you let it install chrome and then uninstall it, it messes up the ability to follow links in messages without applying a fix.

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                The problem is that tricking people into installing software they didn't want to install is just a horrible way to do business.  It's being greedy bas***s.  That's all this is.  Adobe is getting paid by Google to push their products.  Adobe makes great products and I spend a lot of money on them.  It's really disgusting that they feel the need to make another penny or two by pushing more products that I don't want.  yes, there is an option to not install it.  If they're not pushing the Google products just to make an extra couple of pennies, then why doesn't it default to NOT installing the software?