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    Problem with event in TitleWindow

    aciam70 Level 1


      I'm trying to pass some values from a titlewindow and a module.

      So I created a new class that extended Event class and it has a property (code).

      When I close titlewindow I dispatch the event

      Here the code:


           var evt:Event = new MyEvent(MyEvent.ADD,true,false);

           evt.code  = dg.selectedItem.Code;



      In the module in creation complete function, I have this code:


                  protected function CreationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void





      Of course I implemented AddCode function but I can't reach it.

      I tried to dispatch also a simple event

           dispatchEvent(new Event("TRY", true,false));

      but it doesn't work too


      What am I doing wrong?

      Is it a titlewindow problem? Mast I add any import declaration?