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    Animation not working in dps

    ross_macintyre Level 1

      I'm a dps professional subscriber and I've downloaded Edge Animate from Creative Cloud. I'm trying to create an animation in Edge that will appear at the start of a dps article.


      I've opened up Edge and set my page size to the size neccesary for my Samsun Galaxy Tab. I've saved the image out from Photoshop as a png to the correct size and then imported it in to Egde.


      I've created a very simple animation in which it slides in from off the stage. I've created my poster image and then need to create a file that I can place in to Indesign. To do this I've gone in to publish settings and selected the "Animate Deployment Package" and selected my target foler. I've published and created a .oam file.


      When I place this in Indesign it appears fine but when I preview it using content viewer on both the desktop and on the tab it remains static. It looks fine in Edge. Can anyone help with this?


      Thanks in anticipation.

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Ross,


          I have limited experience with Edge Animate implementation to DPS, but I know there's an Autoplay setting in InDesign for the embedded Edge animation. Can you check to make sure this Autoplay setting is set to "on"?

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            Hi Ross, this may not directly help you with your OAM placement where the animation isn't working for you but it may at least help you visualize the animation as intended on your tablet in the meantime? 

            I'm seeing the same issue when I try to place a simple animated OAM element (no movement, even though it previews fine through Edge's browser preview).  Instead, I used the Edge publish option for "Web" - then I draw a picture box in InDesign and link to the Edge exported html file using the InDesign Web Overlay tab in Folio Overlays.  You don't get a preview of the element in InDesign but when you preview on desktop or publish the Folio to your device you should see the animation working okay.  It's a workaround for sure but until I can get an answer from Adobe on why the OAM animation isn't working, at least it lets me publish the moving elements that I need.  I hope this helps in the interim?

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              DemonMry Level 1

              I just tested the placed OAM file and managed to get this to work as it should also.  I noted that actually there is an "autoplay" option in Edge when you create the file element but also there is the same "autoplay" option in InDesign for an OAM file when you've linked to it.  If you look in the Web Overlay panel you'll see it.  Simply checking the autoplay here prompted my animation to work as intended in the desktop preview and on the tablet device.  I admit that I probably wouldn't have looked here had I not had to resort to the html placement above.

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                ross_macintyre Level 1

                That's great, thanks for your help. I've got this working now.


                Much appreciated!