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    Digital editions does not recognise Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7


      Digital editions does not recognise my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. The device is authorised. Please help. Thanks

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Gay06 please see View e-books | iOS, Android devices - http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/view-e-books-ios-android.html.  You will not be able to use Adobe Digitial Editions to transfer your content.  Please refer to the manufacturer of the compatible eReading software for directions on how to sync your books to your Android device.

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            Gay06 Level 1

            Hi, sorry, but I'm not sure what it is that I am looking for on the link specifiied in the reply. Adobe Digital Editions specifies compatibility with galaxy tab but does not say which tablets. My tablet has a file for Digital Editions and is authorised and can read ADE on 'Overdrive'. General information about tablet from reviews indicates compatibility with ADE. I have checked the user manual but cannot find any information relating to ADE. I have emailed Samsung but have yet to get a reply. thanks.

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              Derek Leng Level 1

              Have you tried to connect tablet to PC as mass storage device?

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                Gay06 Level 1

                Hi, yes, I have done that and I am able to physically transfer the files from ADE into my device (to Digital Editions folder) but then I am not able to open them in any of the software/apps that are available for DRM. I have Aldiko and 'eBook' which support DRM but when I try to import the file from the DE folder I get a message saying that the document has expired (or in one case that there is an unknown error). I don't think it is possible to import files to 'Overdrive'. Thanks.

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  Your last post is confusing - and the technology is unforgiving.  So let me

                  see if I can piece this together....


                  Starting with the Tab 7.7: some manufacturers have devices that they

                  improve upon and claim compatibility because they're 'just like' XUY that

                  they made last year.  Sometimes this is true, but often, the user ends up

                  with claims and not much function.  Samsung is pretty good about this, but

                  you can't assume that, just because you can connect the Tab to your

                  computer and move stuff back and forth, that the programs on your computer

                  are going to work with your Tab - and vice versa.


                  The OS on the tablet is NOT compatible with ADE, so you can't drag and drop

                  ebooks as you would with other ereaders.  You have to use utility programs

                  to move the ebook to your Tab.  Once you move the ebook to the tablet,

                  Aldiko should be the program that you use to read the ebook.  In your

                  situation, all ADE is doing is retrieving the ebook from the source, and

                  storing it on your computer.


                  You mention "software/apps that are available for DRM".  DRM is the copy

                  protection on an ebook.  It's a software switch built into the ebook's ID

                  file and all that it does is to tell you whether or not you can copy or

                  print the ebook.  ADE and Aldiko look at the switch when you open or try to

                  copy the ebook.  And if the DRM settings are preventing Aldiko from opening

                  the ebook, you're stuck.  Those settings come from the publisher,

                  distributor or author, not from either ADE or Aldiko.  You can try to open

                  the ebook on your computer with ADE and see if you get the same results.


                  You mention error messages.  I think, from the context, you're getting them

                  on the Tab when you try to do something with the ebook.  Any messages

                  relating to time relate to the settings for your time, date and time zone.

                  I'm guessing here, but I think your Tab's settings aren't the same as your

                  computer's, and that's why you get the 'expired' message.  The 'unknown

                  error' message may be from Aldiko - and we're not equipped here in the ADE

                  forum to deal with that one - sorry!  If the error message section of the

                  Aldiko user guide doesn't tell you either, then you might be able to find

                  out what to do about it from an Aldiko forum.


                  Your Overdrive comment has me puzzled.  I looked for some context in the

                  other posts in this stream, and I didn't see anything that helped.

                  Overdrive is a 'elibrary management system' that does much the same thing

                  as ADE does.  So, you can import and export ebooks via Overdrive.  Your

                  situation seems to revolve around how you get ebooks onto your Tab and then

                  get Aldiko to open them for you to read, and I don't know if Overdrive

                  supports the Tab either.



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                    Gay06 Level 1

                    Hello, thank you for taking so much time and trouble to write such a long reply. I'm not very good with these things and perhaps my questions have not been thorough enough. I think the best thing to do at this stage is to simply ask Samsung the question - is my device compatible with ADE? I can read DRM books on it directly downloaded to the device (to Overdive) but I guess this does not necessrily mean it is compatible with ADE? ADE does not recognise my device and I cannot open any of the files I have dragged to it from the 'My Digital Editions' folder on my computer. I will wait for Samsung's reply and come back to the forum if they say the tablet is compatible. Thank you everyone.