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    Premier Pro CS6 and Encore

    K F Phillips

      I am new to Premier Pro and I am using CS6 downloaded on a monthly basis.


      I shot footage using Canon 60D and Sony EX3.  All has gone very well up to yesterday.  All the editing was Ok and everything in order.  Then I found I could not export to Mpeg 2 DVD  so downloaded the latest update and that fixed that issue.  I then exported 1 minute of footage which was the 60D footage as a test. All OK.  No work carried out in encore at this point.


      At some point later I looked at the timeline in premier pro and noticed that all the Sony footage was now red with the project window saying media off line.  In the source monitor I cannot see any of the composite video and this is greyed out on the menu and I only see the waveform.  The video seems to have disappeared but if I check the info on each clip it still seems to be there as each clips indicated it is 3 - 4 GB.


      So.... I need to know what has happened and how I rectify this problem.  I am obviously worried that my source material has gone but my rational head tells me it will be somewhere.


      I have tried a totally new project and have the same issue.


      Somebody help please?