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    Manage multiple InDesign and pdf files

    bsyracuseafl Level 1

      I'm looking for help managing multiple pdf files created from InDesign. I make several catalogs from multiple InDesign files. Each InDesign file could be used in multiple catalogs. These catalogs are output as pdf files. The pdf files are sent to print and also live on our website. I could update one InDesign file for a particular catalog. That same file could also be in another catalog that should be updated as well. The online version would need to be updated also. This doesn't always happen. There are so many things that have to be updated manually.


      I know this is confusing and vague. I'm guessing there has to be a way to not have to do everything manually. There has to be a smarter way to do this.


      I would appreciate any suggestions or even a push in the right direction for research.