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    On the fly dynamic drop down lists / menus

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      I would like my form to populate a list/menu using the choice from another
      list/menu without having to resubmit the form.

      Basically I have 2 drop down list/menus. One is 'membership type' and the
      other is 'projects'.
      There are 2 options for the membership type: Single and Group.
      If the member chooses the Single, they have 2 options for 'project': 10 &
      If the member chooses Group, they have 4 options: 10,25,50, & unlimited.

      How can I have the 'projects' list change based on what the membership type
      is. I would prefer to do it on the fly rather than have to submit the form.
      The drop down list do not have to be dynamic. Would I set a <cfif> and have
      it take the value from the fist drop down and switch between the two?

      Any ideas?

      Wally Kolcz
      Developer / Support