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    Time and GPS data windows

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      Hello all


      I was presented this sample 1080 frame and was asked if I can do this if time and GPS metadata were part of the video recording. In other words, how do you burn in this data in the video itself. I have P Pro CS 6 @ home and am a complete novice to video editing. Final product may or may not need this, more curious as to how its done - special camera system or in post processing?





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          There's no automatic way to add that information.  You'd have to add titles manually.

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            "You'd have to add titles manually."


            Any idea how?

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              If whoever shot the video recorded time of day timecode synced from a GPS receiver that was close to the camera (in your case that looks like it would mean mounted in the helicopter), you can use the time code data to match your GPS metadata to the video. I use an automated process to incorporate the the metadata into the video, but the process is all done with custom software that the CEO of our company wrote. The other people I've seen incorporating GPS metadata into video are also using customized, proprietary processes. If you're adding the data in post, you will have to translate the data into Premiere titles or After Effects text keyframes or something else that you can overlay on the video.


              You can also use hardware during your shoot to overlay the GPS data onto the video. I don't use any products that do this, and I don't know how easy they are to find for purchase, but there definitely are people in the geospatial sector who feed video through a GPS-aware piece of video processing hardware that overlays time and position data in real time. In this case you would feed video (most likely through HD-SDI) from your camera to the GPS overlay hardware and then to a recorder.


              There certainly aren't any GPS features built into Premiere Pro. If you want to add titles manually, you'll have to match the time code with your GPS data and make a new title each time the GPS info is supposed to update. GPS data is usually some form of table or spreadsheet with time, coordinates, and other positional data, so you can find the correct time in the video and make a title that includes the corresponding coordinates for that time. If you're doing this for more than a few seconds of video, it will be an unreasonably long and tedious process, but it is possible.

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                Any idea how?


                Title>New Title>Default Still.  (F9 shortcut)

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                  If the footage was recorded on one of the AVCHD cameras that is equipped with a built-in GPS unit, then you can use DVMP Pro to burn-in the date, time, latitude, longitude, speed and direction onto the video frames, rather like your example screenshot. It will also work when Sony models are set to record in standard definition mode. Tou can try this out using the demo version.


                  See http://www.dvmp.co.uk/options.htm#burnin