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    edgePreload.js and server directories


      It appears that the HTML file that holds the Edge composition must be in the same directory as the projectName_edgePreload.js


      I find this hard to believe.  If I move the file and then in the script tag, modify the path so that the folderName/projectName_edgePreload.js is correctly pointed to...the whole thing falls apart like a house of cards.


      When I first move the HTML file and view my dev inspector, I can see that the preload file cannot be found.  However, when I update the script tag so that it does find it, then the dev inspector panel shows the preload file loads properly but the remaining .js files fail.


      I view the minified projectName_edgePreload.js file, see the list of additional files that are required to load, their relative paths are correct.  They have not changed nor should they as their location to preload is still correct - and yet they do not load.


      If I plan on dropping more that one Edge composition on the same HTML page, then I’d think I’d be allowed some simple control over my web servers directory structure.  If I cannot put 2 Edge comps into their own respective folders, and load onto a single page, then this is a disappointing limitation.


      Am I missing something?

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          edgarTL Level 1



          Thanks for the reply but after looking over your provided link (more than once), I'm sorry but I'm afraid the thread you linked to is trying to do quite a bit more than I'm looking for and is over my head.


          I believe I'm more interested to learn why the reference to src="test_edgePreload.js" in the script tag cannot have it's path modified or if there is a workaround?


          When I want the html page to be in a different directory than Edge composition, and I don't think that is an unreasonable or unlikely occurance, Adobe has set this up so it cannot be modified?


          If an Edge banner ad is created and then delivered to a host site, is the assumption / recommendation that the Edge content will be placed onto the page using iFrames or object tags - avoiding the update to the edgePreload.js reference in the script tag?


          Again, it seems impractical that as long as I keep Edge files together -  I cannot control the directory structure?  True?

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            TimJaramillo Level 4

            Hey edgar, you can indeed change the path to all assets. This thread has specific instructions:




            Here are all the places you need to change paths, in order to have ALL Edge assets in a separate directory, in this example called "edgeFiles".


            In "yourEdgeFile.html":

            <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="edgeFiles/yourEdgeFile_edgePreload.js"></script>


            In "yourEdgeFile_edge.js":

            var im='edgeFiles/images/';


            * (also note that sometimes Edge doesn't prepend this "im" variable to all images, so you have to go through this file and replace any other references to 'images/' with the "im" variable)


            In "yourEdgeFile_edgePreload.js":

            Change paths to all js files in the "aLoader" array at bottom of file.

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              edgarTL Level 1

              Thanks Tim,


              I had searched the threads and somehow missed the previous discussion so thanks for repeating yourself.


              Arrggg, Before I posted, I un-minified the js file and located the "aLoader" array but as the edge_includes js files did not move and were still in the same relative position to preload.js, I mistakenly did not change their path.  Apparently, their location is getting passed as a parameter in some function somewhere - yikes!


              Yesterday, I gained access to a system with Dreamweaver CS6 with the Creative Cloud update (including edge animate support) and discovered that Adobe's solution to this issue is to simply use the object tag to reference the html file created by Edge and therefore, never update any js files, and have full freedom to create any directory structure they like.   This seems strait forward and easy.  I would think that if I were to hand over an Edge comp to say, ESPN to place on their site as a banner ad, wouldn't this be the approach they take?  In your opinion, are their any disadvantages to the object tag approach?


              Again, thanks much for your assistance.  I really appreciate it.

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                TimJaramillo Level 4

                Hey Edgar,


                I found this tutorial by Tom Green, that shows a pretty clean workflow. It involves publishing an .oam from Edge, then importing that .oam to Dreamweaver. Looks like you wouldn't have to worry about pathing with this workflow. Seems slick:




                Edit: I looked into this DW/Edge Animate workflow a bit more, and it looks like DW extracts all the files from the .oam, so not sure if it's doing anything slick with simplifying pathing. Found this article: http://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/using/import-edge-files.html

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                  edgarTL Level 1



                  Yes, that's exactly what i did yesterday afternoon.  DWCS6 cloud will only allow for a .oam Edge Animate file but behind the scenes it extracts the files into typical Edge folders.  The only path considerations were that it unzipps to a Assets directory and in that you'll find Edge usual suspects.  Files are a single level deeper but again, it handles all that for you.  I've used the same .oam file format to drop a project into Adobe DPS just last week.


                  So I'm excited that using the object tag appears to be the simpliest workflow for typical Edge users, regardless of the use of DWCS6 cloud or .oam files but...Adobe continues to alienate customers by offering cloud specific updates while those updates are unavailable to people who purchased volume licenses and could not get creative cloud volume licenses....


                  Thanks again.