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    Why didn't edited audio show up in my project?


      I am new to Premiere Pro, and have only done basic editing in other programs so I'm definitely a novice.  I am trying to reduce the hum in a video.  I used the edit in audition to get rid of the hum and saved the file in audition.  The instructions I found said the audio file in my Premiere Pro project would automatically update to this new edited audio version.  I kep the projet open in PP while I edited and saved the audio file.  When I went back to PP and replayed the video it is still the original audio file.  How do I get it to update with the edited audio?  I'm using Mac OSX v. 10.7.5 and CS6 versions of PP and Audition.   Is there a simpler or better way to edit audio in a video?  Thanks in advance for your help.