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    Need Help with a GREP style / Nested Style sheet


      I'm trying to format the following text with a different character format that looks a bit like this:


      Specifications: BOX 11.406” x 11.875” x 2.25” • BOOKS 6.8” x 4.14”, 12 pages each

      ISBN 0-0000-0000-0   UPC 0-0000-0000-0 ITEM 0000000


      i think i've figured out the ISBN and UPC strings \d-[\d+]-[\d+]-\d and item numbrer is just 7 digits and it doesn't style the hyphen, but i've made a workaround for that;


      ; but trying to create a grep style for the decimal sizes is perplexing me;

      i've tried [\d+]\.[\d+]" but this breaks and doesn't format everything; if i make the same statement without the \. [\d+].[\d+], it bolds only 3 characters.


      i 'thought' i was pretty good with these things, but wow.. was i wrong