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    How to create multiple editable PDFs from data merged Indesign file




      This is quite complicated but I'm hoping someone can help me and hoping I can explain it too!


      I am working on a project for a client. She wants to send 150 people a 6 page PDF with fields to complete and return to her.
      She has an Excel spreadsheet with some of the fields completed already so these will be Data Merged into InDesign CS6.
      The short version of the question goes like this:
      Can you automate the process so that once all the data is in the InDesign file, it can then create a PDF every 6 pages all in one go?


      For those still interested, the long version of the question goes like this:
      I have created 3 pages in InDesign with fields to complete and used the 'Data Merge' facility to add the Excel info.
      I have created 3 more pages with blank fields to fill in.
      Then I have made all fields editable using the 'Buttons and Forms' facility in the Interactive menu.
      Then I have created an interactive PDF. Then I have opened that PDF in Adobe Acrobat X Pro and saved it as 'Reader Extended PDF' and 'Enable Additional Features'

      I now have an Editable PDF with half the fields filled in and half blank to be filled in and this can be saved and returned.



      Now, this would be great if it was only one or two. But I need to create 150 different versions and this is just for the Pilot study. If all goes well, this will go to 5,000 people and I can't be creating 5,000 seperate PDFS!!


      At this stage, I am just focussing on the 150. So again, going back to the original question, is there a script that could be written either to break up the 1st PDF every 6 pages into 150 different PDFS? Is there even a way of extending that script to Save as Reader Extended etc? Is there a simple idea that I'm missing? Are there any ways to do this? I can use 'Created Merged Documents' to make 150 x 6 pages in Indesign so can anything be done from there?


      Any advice greatly appreciated