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    11pt type and IE8


      I posted a question late last week about pages not displaying correctly in IE8.  (These were Web Help Primary Layout pages.)  The main problem was that text wasn't wrapping around images correctly.  It worked OK when I turned on IE's compatibility view setting, so initially, I thought the problem was related to that setting.


      I've now found that the problem only occurs when I have the body type set to 11 point.  Everything looks fine in 10 point and 12 point.  But here's an even more interesting fact:  It looks fine when I set it to 11.1 point.  I don't even think 11.1 is a legitimate size on web pages, is it?  But it looks fine in IE8, and also in Firefox and Chrome. 


      Two questions:  First, are there any known conflicts with 11-point type?  And more importantly, can anyone think of any negative consequences if I keep the point size at 11.1?   I'll gladly change it to 10 if that's the consensus, but I like the way it looks at 11.  (Or at 11.1.)

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Nothing I have seen anywhere. Have you tried 11.0 rather than just 11?


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            newleaf1124 Level 1

            Good idea, but when I type in 11.0pt, the system changes it to 11pt.  And then I'm right back where I started. 


            Weird, I know!

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              newleaf1124 Level 1

              I've made a new discovery about this problem, and perhaps Peter or someone else can help.


              I believe that the problem I'm experiencing is similar to this question:   http://forums.adobe.com/message/4173474


              I saw the same problem with a small image that moved to the left in IE8.  I also saw a strange problem with text wrapping around a larger image.  Here is a screen shot of how it should appear: 


              and here is how it appears under certain circumstances:


              As you can see, the text overprints a portion of the image.


              The discovery is that the zoom level in IE8 makes a difference.  I was looking at the page with my zoom level set at 95%.  If I change my zoom level to 100%, everything is OK.  It appears incorrectly if the zoom is set anywhere between 88% and 95%.  I didn't test every other size, but I know that 115% is bad too.


              This only happens in IE8.  If I change the point size to something other than 11, it's OK.  If I turn on Compatibility View, it's OK. 


              Has anyone else discovered this?  Has it been reported to Adobe?  If there is no immediate fix available, does anyone know of another possible solution?  I really don't want to specify 11.1 point type as a workaround, unless there's no other option.

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                Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Sounds like it’s a more browser-specific problem than Adobe’s – what would you expect them to do?

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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  I agree with Jeff. That may seem to contradict my answer in the thread you found but I have added a new post to that.


                  If the issue only occurs in one browser, then it does point to the way that browser works. By all means report it to Adobe but I doubt the issue is of their making.


                  Try different zoom levels on a number of web sites and you will likely find some issues.


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