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    Can't view conditional text on RH Design page

    Lady_Jag Level 1

      I just upgraded to RH10 from RH7 and converted my (very large) project. I have several conditional build tags set due to the multiple versions of Online Help I have to produce. In RH7, I was able to view all the conditional text on the Design page, each color-coded as specified. (Some tags were assigned the same color.)


      In RH10, however, some of my conditional text that I imported from RH7 do not appear on the Design page, nor does any new conditional text I add. On the HTML tab, the tags appear as "<?rh-cbt_start condition="v26_00" ?>my text<?rh-cbt_end ?>" which I think are different than what was in RH7. What's weird is that SOME of my conditional text appears, but not all.


      Any idea how to fix this? I think it has something to do with the fact that I excluded the "missing" conditional text from the last generated output, but even after removing all exclusions and regenerating the output, the text still does not appear on the Design page.