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    How to force topics to be ranked higher in Search?

    Holly Jauch

      I am using RH9. I have read the articles about how Search results are ranked:


      In order, it is based on the search word appearing in:

      • The topic title (as in Topic Properties and not to be confused with the Topic Heading)
      • The topic keywords (Increasing the frequency of a word as a keyword will not help as it will be considered only once.)
      • The topic headings in descending order so the word appearing in H1 will take precedence over the word appearing in H2
      • The body of the topic. Each occurrence of a word in topic is summed to calculate overall weighting of a word in a topic.


      However this does not seem to be the case for me. I have a topic called "Supported Chart Types" that I would like ranked 1st when searching on "chart". However, it is ranked 22nd despite the fact that the word "chart" appears in the topic title and 18 times in the body (and is a keyword). The #1 ranked topic for this search term is "chart layer" which has the term appearing once in the topic title and only 6 times in the body (and has no keywords). Does anyone know why this is happening? Does anyone know how we can influence the ranking so that topics we decide are more important rank at the top?


      supported chart types.gif

      chart layer.gif