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    Why doesn't my authorisation work?

    gullimugg Level 1

      Well, I had Adobe Digital Editions Version 1 installed and the computer was authorised with my ADOBE-ID. After I installed ADE Version 2 this authorisation got lost: I was asked to authorise that same computer again. OK, I tried to do that but I get "Activation Server Error: Code E_AUTH_NOT_READY..." What does it mean? My ADOBE-ID works with the valid password as I'm able to sign in to adobe.com. I'm not able to transfer an ebook to my SONY PRS-T1 as ADE does not recognize it. What can I do?


      Thanks for a hint


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          Same problem here, had problems with downloading and opening an ebook from Kobo using ADE 1.x (that was authorized and working smoothly with other ebooks). So found a new version of ADE 2.0, installed it and cannot authorize this computer. And I still cannot open my ebook .

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            slarts Level 1

            I've been hunting the web and found out that I deleted ADE 1.7.2 without first deauthorizing my computer. Since ADE 2.0 apparently uses a different authentication format, you get the error code.


            My solution was to reinstall ADE 1.7.2 (Adobe doesn't have the old version anymore on its webite, but found it on http://www.epubsoft.com/soft/adobe-digital-editions.html), open it, use CTRL-SHFT_D to deauthorize the computer, open ADE 2.0 and authorize the computer here.


            This worked for me, hope it also works for you gullimugg!


            Now I need to find out what's wrong with the ebook licence...