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    More Touch Apps to be developed?


      I don't know about anyone else, but feel that I could get a lot more work done if I could put all of my site files on my Creative Cloud "drive" and use my tablet to edit them natively.


      I'm running an ASUS Transfer TF300 series tablet, with Android Jelly Bean (4.1), so when I speak of tablet I mean Android tablet.



      Dreamweaver CS6 on the PC and Dreamweaver Touch on the tablet


      Both apps can access files stored on the CC, with similar interfaces and such.


      I don't want to use some Brand-X editor on my tablet, and risk my code formatting getting messed up, or worse.


      I would also like a version of Fireworks for the tablet. Fireworks and Dreamweaver are the two applications that I used most often.


      I would love to be able to store my files on the cloud, export the site definitions from DW on the PC and import them into my tablet so that I can just use my tablet for quick edits or changes that don't really require a full PC. I think that this is the biggest thing keeping me from fully leveraging my CC subscription's capabilities. I have 20GB of storage space on the Adobe Cloud, but see no real reason to use it just yet.


      It's like using Dropbox to store my important Excel files. I can edit them on the PC or tablet at will. I would love for Adobe to build Android versions of a few of the key CS applications.