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    Help with keeping some clips and deleting unused footage for more more HDD space?


      I'm putting a lot of clips together with some music but the majority of each video isn't being used.

      the first segment is actual used clips and after the large gap, i have footage i wont be needing.I know i can delete them and they'll be cleared from my Sequence but I was wondering, do you guys have any tricks that enable me to delete those completely from my hard drive while keeping my used footage? I need the hard drive space to record more videos



      I would try exporting the clips, then importing them back into the project after deleting the original content, that way I only have these clips, but it appears to lose quality. Maybe you guys could help me with keeping quality if this is the only solution?

      My files are 1280x720   .avi files and I want to upload the project to Youtube.



      Right now I'm a bit limited on HDD space because my 1TB is being RMA'd/


      I have video files that are about 20 minutes long and are 100GB~ in size. (raw .avi recordings of League of Legends recorded with Dxtory)


      thanks for your guys help!