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    Player screen freezes under IE 10 (Flex SDK 3.5)




      Not sure if this is the right location but I'll give it a go.


      We have a RIA built with Flex SDK 3.5.  When printing we overlay a wait message that locks the input screen.  Problem is under IE 10, which has Player 11.3, this message does not disappear as it should.  All other browser on Windows 8 work as do previous versions of IE on other versions of Windows.


      If the user clicks on the UI, the wait message is removed and the system starts working again correctly.  Here is a screen shot showing the issue.


      we are using the FlexPrintJob and the .start() method is called to display the system print dialog.


      I've put "alerts" in the code to verify we are hitting the correct locations that removes this wait message, and we are.  Even removing the wait message does not remove the issue as the edges of the RIA seem lock until the user clicks closer towards the middle of the browser window.


      Unfortunately a link to the website is not possible because it is a subscriber based system.  I am hoping some people have expierenced this issue and have some information that will prove helpful in working around what appears to be a IE 10 / Flash Player 11.3 issue.