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    No auto install for 11.5?


      I restarted and was alerted to install 11.5. Being a jump from 11.4 to 11.5 there's no auto-install, unless you don't manually install for over 30 days?


      Additionally, I've got my Java disabled due to security concerns and apparently the update page and the page you're directed to after a successful install uses Java? Why do these pages of yours use Java?





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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi VFN,

          You are correct, there is no "auto-install" for the first thirty days after a major release.  Depending on your settings, you will get an update notification within 7 days of a release (on Windows, a restart is required for this to appear.)  For more information on how our update system works, please see the following faq:


          How does the automatic update feature work in Flash Player?


          As for Java, you should only need Javascript enabled on our download pages for them them to properly detect your system settings and display the proper choices to you.  Java itself should not be needed, or used.




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            VFNVFN Level 1



            When I clicked the alert for the download my UAC asked if Java could be used at the download page. I closed and went to the page manually and was not asked about Java. The successful install page did ask for Java. Maybe a glitch, or maybe has to do with the way I disabled Java on my browser, don't know. Suppose my PC is somewhat glitched like, hmm, all others?


            At any rate thanks again for the quick and informative response, Chris.