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    ramping an exposure correction, PPro cs6

    cfg_2451 Level 2

      I've got edit lock on an hour long class, so I'm into color correction now. And of course I've found a weird problem. For context, the footage comes from two cameras; it's the "wide" view in the back of the room is what's bugging me, because this camera was apparently using auto exposure (although I'm assured that's not the case. Yeah, right...).


      For much of the class, all is well. But there are several instances where the presenter walks to the left side of the frame. When this happens, the camera lightens up the exposure -- my waveform monitor shows a rise of about 10 IRE for the midtones (probably to compensate for the dark back ground that the presenter's movement exposed to the center of the frame).


      If this were static it would be easy enough to correct with, say, a luma curve, or any of a dozen or so other tools. But... it's not static. It's the camera's exposure ramp up/down that I need some help taming.


      What's the best way to deal with this? Is it possible to control an effect like a luma curve using a keyframe in PPro?


      I'd like to keep this in PPro is possible, but I've got the whole Production Premium Suite available.


      Bruce Watson