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    Sudden performance issues with live playback


      We launched an OSMF based video player on our website around 8 months ago, and both with On Demand and live playback everything ran smoothly to begin with. But around mid August we suddenly started getting a lot of complaints from our users that especially live playback was skipping a lot. It seems to happen when there's a keyframe in the video, but with higher quality videos playback is also bad even when there's no keyframe.

      Performance is especially bad in Chrome, but also Firefox has a lot of "skipping" and stalls. (it seems changing from Chrome's Pepper Flash to the regular flash player can improve performance a lot in Chrome)

      This issue cannot be recreated on all machines. So our guess is it's got to do with hardware. The weird thing is, it's worked before.


      We've tried running the RTMP streams through the default Strobe player on osmf.org, and they work fine here. Also we can download the Strobe player's swf, add it to our website and the video plays fine. BUT... if we download and compile the Strobe source code ourselves, that version of strobe cannot play back videos without skipping and stalls.


      So, the question is: What can cause these performance issues with OSMF videos. Can it be related to encoding. Can there be a difference between compiling on 32 and 64 bit machines. What?