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    Javascript for cropping PDF

    Petteri_Paananen Level 4



      I know it´s probably quite easy to crop PDF document with jacascript but what I need is that ratio of the result would be 1:1.3 (Widht 1 : Height 1.3).

      And it should be negative crop (page is not actually cropped at all but enlarged instead of that)


      What I try to achieve is a exact page shape that will be exported to 768x1004px JPG or PNG image later (outside of Acrobat).

      So the size doesn´t really matter (for once...=) but shape has to be exactly correct.


      So for instance letter sized (8,5 in / 11 in) PDF should re-shaped to 8,5 x 11,112 in, that´s the most optimized way to achieve optimized shape....


      Is this even possible in Acrobat?