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    Session variables are changing on each request

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      We are having issue with session variables(jsessionid),it is changing from one page to other page and also when we referesh page.code is worked fine in other servers.When we moved to production server issue came.


      In application.cfc we used below parameters.


      this.applicationTimeout = CreateTimeSpan(4, 0, 0, 0);

        this.clientmanagement   = false;

        this.loginstorage   = "session" ;

        this.sessionmanagement  = true;

        this.sessiontimeout  = CreateTimeSpan(0, 0, 20, 0);

        this.setClientCookies = true;

        this.setDomainCookies  = true;

        this.scriptProtect   = "all";


      In coldfusion administrator we enabled use"J2EE session variables" ,"application variables",session variables.and also we added


      "Dcoldfusion.sessioncookie.httponly=true"in jvm.


      Operating system details: windowsserver2008R2


      Coldfusionserver: 9.0.1,274733



      Is it related to sessionfixation issue?Any other things we need to check or add?Please let me know.