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    Library symbol synchronization with Illustrator


      I have an Illustrator *library* file that stores all of my graphics (as defined Movie Clips). I am importing them in Flash via File>Import>Import to Library, I pick my "library.AI" file, and then check "include unused symbols" (the artboard is empty).


      I am doing all of my animation on a single frame in flash, all done with actionscript. As the animation sequences progresses, I am often adding new symbols or tweaking existing symbols, all starting back with my master Illustrator *library*, and then re-importing, and then testing the animation again (rinse + repeat).


      What is really becoming a burden is the process of reestablishing the "AS Linkage" for the appropriate symbols. During import, naming conflicts are easily resolved with "replace existing item", but I lose the AS Linkage when I do this.


      When right-clicking a library symbol, why is "Update" always grayed out; this seems like exactly the feature I am looking for. Is there any way to get flash to remember where it got the symbol definition from, and to check there again for changes (in my case, check with the originally imported .AI file for the matching symbol name). Is there a better way to approach this?


      Ive reached a point where every import is taking minutes, when all i need to do is make 15 second tweak to a symbol and verify that I got my alignment right (and if not, do another 3 minute import for yet another 15 second tweak).

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          Little bit of an update...


          The (basically) same thing happens when using assets from another FLA file, only this time I did get a bit closer to what i wanted. Using a "library.fla" project that houses multiple symbols meant to be imported/shared with future projects, I get a little better organization and interactivity with the Flash GUI. (now the 'update' menu item works when selecting a symbol)


          Now instead of AS-Link properties being broken, they are copied from the source! I was kindof hoping that if my "new_project.fla" takes symbol1 and symbol2, and exports them to actionscript, that this would have nothing to do with the original symbol1 and symbol2 from my 'library.fla' (as far as symbol properties are concerned).


          I want to be able to propogate visual updates throughout multiple projects, but each project may implement the symbol in different ways using different AS classes. I would like to autoupdate visual changes, but each project should also retain its AS-Link settings (and not reset to the "library.fla" symbol settings)


          Is my workflow wrong here? I am surprised that this is not achievable (I would actually bet that it is, but somehow I am going about it wrong)? I am almost to the point of writing my first extendScript that will take all selected symbols and modify the properties to export a new ActionScript class that is the same as the symbol name (and Ill just make sure not to have conflicts).